Our salted caramel chocolate cheesecake cake version is moist, soft, sweet and salty Cake !! This super indulgent cake is exactly what you were looking for !!


>> 230 gr.Of cake, chocolate ready 

>> cream: 350 grams (about 2 cans) 

>> Galaxy chocolate: 230 grams 

>> Eggs: 2 medium 

>> Vegetable oil: 1/4 Cup 

>> Water: 1 Cup

>> Cream cheese: 8 (cubes)

>> Plain biscuit: 1 Cup


1. You'll want to add oil and water to the cake mixture, then begin to whip the mixture. And please lift a small amount and then a small amount on the side. 

2. You can then add eggs to the mixture and stir again. Get a shallow dish and place in the mixture then place in the oven to level. 

3. Alright, all of the rest of the mixture, which had previously been mixed, should be put into the mixer. Next, make sure to add the biscuits, curry cheese, and a box of cream and mix well. 

4. Remove the cake from the oven. After that, spread on the biscuit and cream mixture. 

5. In a pot of water, melt the Galaxy chocolate and combine with crushed cream packages. Immediately put on the cake as a second sheet. Permit the cake chilled in the fridge for about 120 minutes. 

If you tried our salted caramel chocolate cheesecake cake version, don't forget to show us the results in the comments below!!