There are many solutions for the ears on sale in pharmacies. But as we know, these commercially available drops contain chemicals, mainly isopropyl alcohol to wash and dry the ear. However, there is a home remedy that is just as powerful and offers much better results. Our natural remedy consists of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol (or 70% alcohol). White vinegar is a potent, antimicrobial antibiotic that effectively fights infections.


The combination of white vinegar and alcohol helps fight infections and soothe pain. In addition, it dries up the ear and breaks down the wax produced by the ears.


How to do


1. Mix 1 part rubbing alcohol (70% alcohol) and one part white vinegar.

2. Taking 1 tsp this blending .

3. Pour it to the ear by tilting your head to side.

4. Staying in this position about 1 min.

5. Then let mixture flow out of the ear as you straighten up. Result And there you have it, you have treated your blocked or infected ear :-) Repeat the procedure twice a day to get rid of water or earwax or to treat an ear infection.


This remedy is recommended for mild to moderate ear infections or wax buildup.


Warning: if you have more serious problems, consult your doctor. If you don't feel any improvement within 3 days, see your doctor as well.