Dump of 4 ingredients into a slow cooker !!


OMG, another winner with my familly 😋 !!I make these as a nice winter comfort meal this year and end result is a cordial, tasty chicken and stuffing & I think it may just be my families preferable 4 ingredient slow cooker meal yet !!



° Boneless, skinless chicken breast: 3 lbs 

° Stove Top Chicken Stuffing Mix: 3 cans 

° Cream of chicken soup: 3 cans

° Chicken broth: 2 cans

° Salt and pepper to taste




1. Using non-stick spray, drizzle the slow cooker.


2. And please season the chicken breasts with salt and pepper then place them in bottom of slow cooker.


3. The combined stuffing should be spread over the top of the chicken at thhis stage.


5. Make sure to beat soup and broth until blended. Evenly pour onto dry filling.


6. The last step is to cover, cooking on high power for about four hours.