A simple, yet delicious casserole !! Just follow the recipe as directed and you'll have a heartwarming dish perfect for an appetite quenching dinner. 



° Chickens: 3, small size (cut into four parts)

° Margarine: 3 tsp

° Butter: 4 large spoons.

° Onions: 2, medium size.

° Okra: 1 cup

° Eggplant: 2 small grains

° Salt, to taste

° Green beans: 2 and ½ cups (chopped)

° Zucchini: 1 (medium-sized)

° Tomatoes: 2 large (chopped)

° Green pepper: 4 grains (chopped)

° Water: 2 cups




1. First of all, clean the beans, remove the side strings and cones. And please chop them into large chunks. 

2. You'll want to peel two eggplants and cut them into cubes. Make sure to remove the top parts of the okra without showing the seeds. After that, chop the zucchini and put the okra in the water. 

3. Next, fry the beans pieces with butter and ghee over a high temperature. A short time later, fry the eggplant and chicken pieces, each separately, until they are well browned. 

4. At this stage, you may need to spread the beans in the clay casserole, then the rest of the vegetables, with chicken cubes. 

5. The salt and the rest of the margarine and butter from the frying should be spread on the surface of the dish. 

6. Finally, cover the dish and put it in the oven over a medium heat for 120 minutes.